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What is a hair salon?

A hair salon is an establishment that offers professional hair styling services for men and women.   Hair salons offer hair services including professional hair styling and hair texturing. Many hair salons also offer hair coloring, highlights, head and scalp treatments and formal styling.

Hair salons specialize in hair services such as basic hair cuts, hair styling, highlights, hair coloring, and hair texturing techniques. Most hair salons also offer hair cleansing such as shampoo and conditioning and specialized treatments for damaged hair. Businesses that just offer basic hair cuts and grooming services are generally categorized as barber shops, although there is a fine line between what constitutes professional hair styling, and basic hair cutting. Some hair salons also offer formal styling services for special occasions such as weddings and other events.

Most hairdressing salons have a reception desk and a waiting area near the front door. The more upscale, trendy and expensive salons tend to require customers to have an appointment, while the budget chain hair shops usually don’t. The décor also varies widely between an expensive and an inexpensive hair salon.

Types of Hair Salons

There are a few types of salons you might find in your area. Not all hair salons offer the same kinds of services. Here are the general types of salons and what you can expect each one to offer to clients. 

Hair Salon

A hair salon is a business that offers a range of hair-related services to clients. This includes haircutting, regular and formal styling, chemical treatments (such as color, highlights, perms, and straightening treatments), hair and scalp treatments, and beard and mustache shaping. In a true hair salon, other cosmetic services may not be offered. There are two general types of hair salons: Franchise and independent. 

Franchise Hair Salons

Franchise hair salons are part of a chain of salons that may extend regionally or nationwide. Franchise owners pay a fee to open a salon under the chain’s name. Examples of franchise hair salons are Great Clips, Sport Clips, and Supercuts. These franchise salons are built and managed based on uniform brand standards. So if you visit a Great Clips location in Omaha, it will be nearly identical to one in Nashville.

Typically, franchise hair salons employ salaried hair stylists who may be paid an additional commission for high productivity or selling hair products. Franchise hair salons usually accept walk-in customers rather than requiring appointments. Many people like franchise hair salons because they can get a consistent experience each time they visit, pay less for the services, and go in for a haircut whenever is convenient for them.

Independent Hair Salons

Independent hair salons are owned by individuals and are not part of a regional or nationwide franchise. The owner/operator(s) of an independent hair salon chooses the name, logo, services provided, and pricing for services. They hire hair stylists and other cosmetologists on a salary, salary plus commission, commission only, or booth rental payment basis. Independent hair salons may specialize or have stylists who specialize in a specific service (such as color or highlights) or offer a general menu of hair services. They may or may not sell hair products in addition to offering services. You’ll find independent salons that accept walk-ins and others that operate by appointment only.

Many people like independent hair salons because stylists in them are given more creative freedoms than in franchise salons. Visiting an independent hair salon is supporting a local small business. These salons are also more likely to have established, higher-end stylists working in them. On the other hand, you may pay more for services at an independent hair salon, and your experience may not be as consistent without brand and management rules in place. 

Below is a list of the top and leading Hair salons in Los Angeles, CA. To help you find the best Hair salons located near you in Los Angeles, we put together a below list based on Google reviews and testimonials of customers, complaints, history, ratings, satisfaction, trust, cost, and general excellence. Please check these out before you go ahead and book а service elsewhere!. You deserve only the best hair salons CA!.

Los Angeles’s Best Hair salons:

Here are the top-rated Hair salons in Los Angeles, CA that offers best massages and other service:

  1. Hairroin Salon
  2. Tesler Salon
  3. Impression Hair Salon
  4. Atelier by Tiffany
  5. Planet Salon

Hairroin Salon

Hairroin LA is home to the best hairstylist and nail artists in Los Angeles. They have everything from balayage and blonde experts, extension specialists to the perm experts. Their nail artists specilize in Gel Manis + Pedis, Gel X, Hard Gel and Nail Art. They offer a wide range of services. Come see us in the heart of Hollywood. You can find the salon in the art and lifestyle center called Space 15 Twenty. Located on Cahuenga Blvd. between Sunset Blvd and Selma Ave.

Address: 1520 N Cahuenga Blvd #2, Los Angeles, CA 90028, United States
Phone: +13233339458


Hairroin Salon is seriously magical with hair. Before Hairroin Salon , i went to every hair salon in LA that was too rated by Yelp. But NO ONE can do what Hairroin Salon does. I will never let anyone touch my hair ever again. She is like Harry Potter. She’s the chosen one. AND I WILL FOLLOW HER EVERYWHERE.” – Mark Peterson

Tesler Salon

Tesler Salon is located in the bustling community of Silver Lake. Inside you’ll find yourself in an oasis, surrounded by beauty and world-renowned talented stylists and creatives. Their mission is to bring the highest level of service and experience to this side of the neighborhood, with the goal of having everyone leave feeling beautiful from the inside out. Between the amazing people, beautiful setting and natural lighting, they are sure you’ll fall instantly in love with Tesler Salon.

Address: 2476 N Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90039, United States
Phone: +13239221003


“Deanna at the salon is AMAZING!! She is super fun to talk to, and my hair was perfect! 100% would recommend to any customer.” – Christen Capobianco

Impression Hair Salon

At Impression Hair Salon, they aspire to provide an exceptional hair service experience to all their clients while relaxing at their hair salon. They would like you to relax and take a break from the busy world while you are here. They believe excellent hair-styling is not judged based upon just when leaving the salon, but more importantly the quality improvement of all their client’s hair days after. They understand that maintaining a hairstyle is an important part of the daily life. They are continually striving for what is best for their clients and believe it is their profession to provide the finest, yet responsible consultation to each individual. 

Address: 10700 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025, United States
Phone: +13104744020


Went to Impression Hair Salon 3 months ago and he took about 8 inches off my hair to an A-line Bob cut and I’ve been loving it! The pictures don’t do it justice! He’s been maintaining the length and color ever since!” – Cheryl Martin

Atelier by Tiffany

Atelier by Tiffany provides you professionals for every type of service. Atelier by Tiffany promises you satisfaction every single time. Their talented team’s vast amount of knowledge pertaining to hair as well as their creativity is limitless. Famous celebrities always love getting their make-up done by their make-up artists. Their artists possess extraordinary skills in wedding, party and natural everyday make-up.

Address: 400 S Western Ave #201, Los Angeles, CA 90020, United States
Phone: +12133803235


“I highly recommend Atelier men’s haircut. The whole process is very neat and tidy. The stylists are also very skilled. My stylist is Winter.” – Rheza Budiono

Planet Salon

Planet Salon has over 20 years of growth in Beverly Hills and consists of an elite team of highly trained stylists and color specialists who have excelled in an industry that is highly competitive and challenging. The rigorous training and high expectations of our staff maintains a prolific creative energy that flows from stylists to client and beyond. Planet Salon attracts upscale professionals who know what they want and expect perfection. The salon’s streamlined decor and moderate pace evokes a serene salon experience, where clients find a haven of calm indulgence.

Address: 8126 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046, United States
Phone: +13239511011


“It was a very nice experience as the staff is quite friendly and service was also very good… Recommended for all..” – Amber Stewart

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