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What are Car repair shops and how are they classified?

These are the industrial establishments in which operations are carried out for the restoration of the normal conditions of the state of operation of the vehicle or its equipment and components, in which alterations in their conditions were revealed after the end of their manufacture.

These are classified according to the relationship with the vehicle manufacturer, distinguishing between GENERIC or INDEPENDENT WORKSHOPS, the limes are not linked to any brand; and OFFICIAL WORKSHOPS OF THE BRAND, which are linked to a specific manufacturer.

It can also be classified, depending on the branch of activity to which they are dedicated, in mechanic workshops, when it comes to the repair or replacement in the mechanical system of the vehicle; electricity-electronics, in the case of repair or replacement work on the electrical-electronic equipment of the automobile; bodywork, in the case of the repair or replacement of bodywork elements on the carrier, saddlery and interior and exterior conditioning of the same; of painting, when they carry out painting, coating and finishing work on bodywork.

Departments of a Car repair shop:

Automotive mechanic: It is the area that deals with general repairs and adjustments of vehicles, and sometimes with their maintenance . This generally includes various components such as gearbox , brakes, suspension , steering, differential , doors, windows and other aggregates.

Automobile electricity: The electrical system of motor vehicles has particular characteristics, for which an electrician with general knowledge must be trained or graduated in this specialty. The main repairs are made to the batteries , cables, spark plugs , starter motor , alternator , headlights , signal lights or lighting, control devices and indicator clocks. It generally includes the repair and adjustment of air conditioning equipment .

Electronics: Modern cars have a large number of electronic components , so the electrician must also have the necessary knowledge, although this is sometimes a separate specialty.

Sheet metal: Dents, tears, wear or oxidation of the body plates, doors, hood, trunk and others, are repaired by a plater , who must leave the vehicle ready for painting. Includes repair of mufflers and exhaust pipes.

Paint: The car painter performs the previous caulking operations, to then apply the layers of paint that are necessary, with the corresponding sanding between each operation.

Upholstery: An automobile upholsterer repairs or fabricates upholstery for seats, doors, and headliners.

Address setting: It consists of aligning the wheels, balancing the tires and other similar tasks.

Brakes and clutch: It consists of the repair and adjustment of the entire automobile brake system, operated by hand or foot. It includes the brake pump or pumps, pistons, hydraulic circuit, pads (in disc brakes ), shoes (in drum brakes ). Clutch repair includes its adjustment, alignment, repair or replacement of the disc, friction plate, springs, collar or any other component.

Motor repair: It consists of the disassembly, repair and adjustment of gasoline and diesel engines as well as their aggregates: carburetor , injection system, gearboxes. This includes the spark plugs, alternator and starter motor , although an electrician can help.

Cooling system: Includes cleaning and repair of radiators , water pump and hoses.

Maintenance: There are specialized workshops for car maintenance, although these tasks can also be carried out in repair shops. It includes the filling and changing of oils, as well as the lubrication with grease or oil, all with the frequency indicated in the equipment manual.

Punch-bowl: It consists of the vulcanization of the cameras that have suffered punctures, as well as the repair of minor damage to the tires. It includes the disassembly and subsequent assembly of the tubes and tires on the rims .

Washed: Includes pressurized water washing of the bodywork, chassis and engine, and interior cleaning with dust extraction.

Below is a list of the top and leading Car repair shops in Houston, Texas. To help you find the best Car repair shops located near you in Houston, we put together a below list based on Google reviews and testimonials of customers, complaints, history, ratings, satisfaction, trust, cost, and general excellence. Please check these out before you go ahead and book а service elsewhere!. You deserve only the best Car repair shops TX!.

Houston’s Best Car repair shops:

Here are the top-rated Car repair shops in Houston, TX that offers best massages and other service:

  1. RMS Auto Care
  2. Uptown Automotive- Auto Body Shop
  3. Adams Automotive
  4. Westside Automotive
  5. Master Car Care & Collision

RMS Auto Care

Looking for a dependable, trustworthy auto repair and service shop in Houston, TX, that stands by its work? Well, you couldn’t have picked a better auto repair & collision shop. Here at RMS Auto Care, they offer any repair your vehicle might need. They cover everything from brake repair to engine services. Their ASE-certified mechanics are working hard every day to improve their skills and learn more about the vehicles we drive. They are also a collision and bodywork shop for when the unfortunate happens, and your car needs some cosmetic work. They are the go-to for auto repair or collision services in Houston, TX. 

Address: 1759 Westheimer Road Central, Houston, TX 77098, United States
Phone: +17135295855


My battery died and my car wouldn’t start a couple blocks away from RMS. I thought of them immediately despite not being there before due to a flyer I’d gotten in the mail. They went above and beyond to be helpful in getting back on the road and back to work. Highly recommend!” – Rebecca Brzyski

Uptown Automotive- Auto Body Shop

Uptown Automotive was founded based on a passion for cars and a love for the automotive industry. As one of the top auto body shops in Houston, Tx, they are committed to bringing you the best service at the lowest price possible for your vehicle. They can handle regular scheduled maintenance, general repairs, new tires, tire balancing, laser alignment, brake jobs, transmission service, suspension work, body work, paint repair and even accident repairs.  They understand their customers and their need to get a quality repair at a fair price while still being treated with respect and honesty. 

Address: 6511 Mapleridge St, Houston, TX 77081, United States
Phone: +17136683639


“Their service and responsiveness was extremely well done. The work itself was very high-quality, and it saved me A lot of money over what the dealership had voted me for the exact same things. I would definitely recommend.” – Azmeh dhanani

Adams Automotive

Their well-trained, ASE-certified technicians are capable of perfectly handling everything, whether it’s an engine repair, transmission issue, tire replacement, or general maintenance. They have remained the trusted choice in Houston for quality repairs and maintenance since 1980. With personalized care and attention, they will determine what your car needs and recommend you the best automotive services.

Address: 1010 Blalock Rd, Houston, TX 77055, United States
Phone: +17139320934


“Adam’s Automotive is the best car repair service shop I’ve ever been to. We’ve gone to them for a number of issues for our cars, and they have always exceeded our expectations with their exceptional customer service. Everyone is attentive, knowledgeable, and the service is quick! I would recommend this place to anyone!” – Jennifer Garrett

Westside Automotive

They provide the Houston area with reliable, affordable automotive maintenance and repair services. You’ll be hard-pressed to find the same level of professionalism and service that their auto mechanics provide! Their certified technicians and highly trained auto repair specialists provide the best service in Houston on domestic and import cars and trucks of all types.

Address: 12510 Oxford Park Dr, Houston, TX 77082, United States
Phone: +12815898984


“I’ve been coming here for well over 5 years now. Each experience- from simple oil change, up to extensive repair- has been well communicated and well done. I gladly recommend this shop to friends, family, and coworkers. I’ve never once had a bad experience.” – Matthew Martinez-Makowski

Master Car Care & Collision

Here at Master Car Care, they offer any repairs for your vehicle, anything from an oil change to full diagnostic services. Their ASE-certified mechanics are constantly learning and striving to be the best at their craft. They also specialize in collision and bodywork for when the unfortunate happens. There is no better choice for auto repair or collision services in Houston Heights, TX than Master Car Care. Bring your car into the shop you know will treat your car with care. They stand by Their work. That is why they offer a 3 year / 36k mile nationwide warranty on their repairs. If you are in need of auto repair for your vehicle, see them today. Their staff is looking forward to you walking through their doors. If you are a planner, give them a call and set an appointment. With Master Car Care, you will never need to find another auto repair shop ever again.

Address: 2305 Yale St, Houston, TX 77008, United States
Phone: +17138626630


“Been a customer for a couple years now. Always great, quick service. I never feel pressured to fix every little thing on my car, although they do tell you what should be on your radar for repairs. Very easy text/online service too” – Ryan Rongone

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