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What are auto parts:

A vehicle is composed of a number of auto parts. Over time, it’s inevitable that some forms of car service will be performed on any vehicle. Over the lifetime of your vehicle, you will need to replace the tires, windshield wipers, brake pads, battery, spark plugs, and countless other auto parts. The amount of time before a car part will need to be replaced can depend upon a number of factors, including how frequently you drive your car and what your driving habits are.

Beyond the replacement of stock auto parts, however, many consumers enjoy working on their own vehicles and making improvements that will improve the appearance of the vehicles or make them faster. Aftermarket auto parts make this customization possible. The term “aftermarket” means that the product you are installing in your vehicle is not part of the car’s original manufacturer specifications.

Most performance parts are produced by aftermarket companies, because those companies are able to specialize in specific fields. Examples of aftermarket parts include wheels, graphics packages and exhaust manifolds. If you are handy enough, you may be able to install aftermarket auto parts on your own. Otherwise, you will need to hire a professional to install the parts for you.

Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing An Auto Part Supplier:

While you own a car, it is obvious that with its daily usage, the functioning of its parts will deteriorate. At that time, you had to get those parts replaced to keep your car in the best working condition. To make sure that you buy only the quality spare parts, it is essential to do thorough research to find out the right auto parts supplier. It is crucial because the market of auto parts is vast, and you are supposed to buy the ones that are suitable for the high-performance of your vehicle.

1. Consider the availability of supplier – The most important quality of a good dealer is that he is always available with a good stock of auto parts. While shopping, you should look around for the dealer who does not make you wait for an extended time period for the required part.

2. Check the quality of the products – A reputable auto part supplier will always provide you with superior quality parts. However, the market is flooded with several suppliers, and the possibility is there that you may get fake auto parts. So, it is important that one must know how to differentiate original parts from bogus parts.

3. Look for auto parts online – If you want to crack the best deal on auto parts, then it is recommended to search online. Gone are the days when people rely on words of mouth. Now, people find online reviews more reliable. You can find answers to all your questions regarding the parts and even reputation of the supplier. So, it is better to sit back at home and clarify all your doubts using the internet, rather than going to friend and families for recommendations.

You can even get tips on how to maintain the car and how to find the quality auto parts. Going through such posts will surely make you a smart buyer. If possible, find the dealer who can easily supply auto parts in your area.

4. Check the prices – Before buying the auto parts, one must learn about the range of prices of the spare parts. It will prevent you from paying too much for something that you could have got at a lower price. Ask for quotations from different suppliers and after comparing the cost and quality, select the best as per your needs.

5. Check the certification – Make sure to check if the supplier is certified to sell the specific parts or not. Presence of certificate will assure you that auto parts you are buying are genuine.

Below is a list of the top and leading Auto parts stores in Houston, Texas. To help you find the best Auto parts stores located near you in Houston, we put together a below list based on Google reviews and testimonials of customers, complaints, history, ratings, satisfaction, trust, cost, and general excellence. Please check these out before you go ahead and book а service elsewhere!. You deserve only the best Auto parts stores TX!.

Houston’s Best Auto parts stores:

Here are the top-rated Auto parts stores in Houston, TX that offers best massages and other service:

  1. AutoZone Auto Parts
  2. O’Reilly Auto Parts
  3. Alliance Auto Body Parts
  4. ProAm Auto Accessories
  5. A-Line Auto Parts

AutoZone Auto Parts

Welcome to your AutoZone auto parts store in Houston, TX at 1311 W 11th St. Your go-to store for quality auto parts, accessories, and do-it-yourself repair advice to keep your car, truck or SUV running smoothly. All of their auto parts stores in Houston, TX offers free in-store battery testing, battery charging, their Loan-A-Tool® Program, and Fix Finder – a simple Check Engine Light tool that utilizes an extensive database from ASE certified mechanics to find the most likely fix.

Address: 1311 W 11th St, Houston, TX 77008, United States
Phone: +17138641872


Jonathan gave me over and beyond customer service! My Monté Carlo is a bit of a challenge getting the battery out but he was up for it and even zip tied some cables that were too close to my fan belt!” – Keith B

O’Reilly Auto Parts

Your Houston, Texas O’Reilly Auto Parts store #6103 is located at 9099 Westheimer Road Suite A near the Jeanetta Street intersection, in the same shopping center as Hayat Cafe. They carry the parts, tools and accessories you need, as well as offering Store Services like free battery testing, wiper blade & bulb installation, fluid recycling, and Check Engine light testing. They are one of many O’Reilly locations that resurface brake rotors and drums.

Address: 9099 Westheimer Rd A, Houston, TX 77063, United States
Phone: +13467184011


“Good service. Good prices. Helpful staff.” – Farish R.

Alliance Auto Body Parts

They are the leading supplier of new replacement auto body parts in the greater Houston area. Through excellent customer service and integrity, they have been in business for over 20 years. They are also the only supplier in Houston to have 2 locations to better serve its customers – what this means is greater convenience and faster deliveries.

Address: 10518 Harwin Dr., Houston, TX 77036, United States
Phone: +18325641155


“Have been buying from Alliance for some time now, customer service is superb. They are always available on the phone to assist. Returns are very easy and I would recommend purchase parts from them” – Capital Investment

ProAm Auto Accessories

ProAm is located in the heart of Houston’s premier retail and service sector, the Galleria Area. Richmond Avenue, known as “the Richmond strip” locally, is the place to cruise Houston’s import cars, and muscle cars. Their facilities include a 8000 sq.ft. warehouse, showroom, and installation bays. They not only sell parts and accessories, but also offer installation and service. And of course, ProAm is a great place to come and hang with fellow enthusiasts!

Address: 6125 Richmond Ave., Houston, TX 77057, United States
Phone: +17137817755


“Love this shop. Always affordable high level service” – Kevin Grimes

A-Line Auto Parts

The mission of A-Line Auto Parts is to be a leading supplier of competitively priced quality automotive products and services in all phases of the markets in which they participate, to grow their business by increasing market share by improving existing customer sales and acquisitions of complementing businesses, to further increase their level of supply and services while differentiating theirselves from their competition by leveraging the quality of their staff, their dedication to customers, superior service, advanced technology, and service to their community.

Address: 1310 Berry Rd, Houston, TX 77022, United States
Phone: +17136954724


“Very helpful staff and a well stocked inventory” – Esteban Echandi

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