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What is a specialist lawyer for medical law?

A specialist lawyer for medical law, also called a lawyer for health law in some cases, deals with all medical law matters. This means that such a lawyer must have special knowledge of medicine and is practical “half a doctor” himself. Only then can a medical law attorney discuss a medical issue and weigh its legal consequences.

In most cases, medical law procedures for a specialist lawyer are related to health issues. The focus is on the relationship between doctor and patient, but the reward for medical services also plays a role.

What does a medical law attorney do?

A specialist lawyer for medical law can – as already mentioned – “fight” both on the side of the doctors and on the side of the patient. His primary task is to ensure that the individual case always comes to a factual, objective, and medically correct decision.

Patients often contact a lawyer specializing in medical law when they are affected by the colloquial “doctor botch”. In the event of treatment errors, malpractice, or diagnostic errors, which often lead to an extension of the therapy or permanent damage to health, those affected try to take action through a lawyer. The victims want to achieve claims for pain and suffering, compensation, or loss of earnings.

Below is a list of the top and leading Medical Malpractice Lawyers in Lincoln, NE. To help you find the best Medical Malpractice lawyers located near you in Lincoln, we put together a below list of Medical Lawyers in NE.

Lincoln’s Best Medical Malpractice Lawyers: 

Here are the top-rated Medical Malpractice Lawyers in Lincoln, NE that offers the best legal representation:

  1. Daniel H. Friedman
  2. Nolan J. Niehus
  3. Franklin E. Miner
  4. Jeff Downing
  5. Rod Rehm

Daniel H. Friedman

Daniel H. Friedman is a professional advocate for personal injuries who assists residents of Nebraska in tough times. He is committed to finding justice on behalf of his injured clients if the damage is caused by a vehicle accident or a case of medical violence. Friedman Law Offices is comprised of five experienced lawyers who advocate for injured clients throughout the state. The team has effectively served injured Nebraskans for 56 years. They are large enough to handle substantial and complex cases yet small enough to give each client personalized representation. Their lawyers have investigated and prosecuted medical malpractice lawsuits before. 

Address: 3800 Normal Blvd, Lincoln, NE 68506, United States
Phone: +18008761093


“Dan Friedman was very professional and caring. Id highly recommend Him to anyone of My Friends or Family. He answered questions or concerns I had after My car accident. He also refered Me to another Attorney with another situation im dealing with . Thanks Dan for You professionalism. Friedman Law was a great choice for My legal matters. Thank You Dan Friedman.” – Shelley Petersen

Nolan J. Niehus

Nolan’s primary focus is advocating for injured workers in both Iowa and Nebraska, as well as those who are injured on the railroad. Nolan’s other practice areas include medical malpractice, wrongful death, and personal injury. While Nolan is the firm’s youngest attorney, he has already succeeded in advocating for clients in the Nebraska Supreme Court, Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Court, and Nebraska District Court. 

Address: 575 Fallbrook Blvd Suite 206, Lincoln, NE 68521, United States
Phone: +14024764400

Franklin E. Miner

Franklin E. Miner, born in Missouri Valley, Iowa, in 1972 is a partner in the law firm of Miner Scholz & Associates, P.C., L.L.O. and has been practicing law for 20 years. Mr. Miner practices in the areas of personal injury, bankruptcy and trial law with an emphasis on workers’ compensation.  Mr. Miner practices litigation in both Nebraska state courts and the Federal District Court for Nebraska. Coming from a blue collar and rural upbringing, Mr. Miner understands how an injury can affect his clients’ livelihoods and ability to provide financially for themselves and their families.  

Address: 8141 S 15th St D, Lincoln, NE 68512, United States
Phone: +14024200090


“Frank miner did an amazing job for me. I couldn’t of asked for a better more kind person to represent me in my long battle. Very trustworthy. He made sure I understood everything completely thru out the years. I would recommend him in a heart beat” – Jennifer Kotas

Jeff Downing

Jeff Downing is a third-generation Nebraska Lawyer who has had the privilege of successfully representing clients in a number of precedent-setting cases. Jeff is held in high regard by his peers in the legal community, who have rated him at the highest level of ethical integrity and professional excellence. His practice areas includes Serious Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Car & Auto Accident, Wrongful Death and Constitutional Law.

Address: 200 S 21st St Suite 400, Lincoln, NE 68510, United States
Phone: +14024758230

Rod Rehm

Rod is the senior member of Rehm, Bennett, Moore, & Rehm P.C., L.L.O.  He has been practicing since 1973 with extensive litigation experience. He worked as both a prosecutor and defense attorney. Rod limited his practice to civil law in 1986.  He focus on worker’s compensation, personal injury, and wrongful death. His firm files over 10% of all Nebraska workers compensation cases. His firm publishes 2 blogs weekly regarding workers compensation.

Address: 3701 Union Dr #200, Lincoln, NE 68516, United States
Phone: +14024201400


“We are so grateful for Ron Rehm, and his team, Anna and Jena. Their knowledge, experience, expertise, kindness, and understanding, provided to us were immeasurable.” – JeffnShelly Cooley

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