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Trying to find a Weight loss doctor in Phoenix near you? Searching for the best Weight loss doctors in Phoenix, AZ has to offer? If you find yourself in a situation where finding the best Phoenix Weight loss doctors gets difficult, Then you have come to the right place. 

The well-researched list on this page is for finding a list of Weight loss doctors/bariatrician / bariatric medicine doctors / Bariatric physicians specialists ranking in your city/area. It is a very difficult task to decide the actual ranking of Weight loss doctors but yes we can say our team tried to make some trends so that for patients, it will be easy to make decisions. The final decision will be yours to decide which Weight loss doctor will be best for your treatment. You can get a list of the best Weight loss doctors near me using this page. So be tuned with this page to get all information in the field of bariatric medicine.

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Below is a list of the top and leading Weight loss doctors in Phoenix, Arizona. To help you find the best Weight loss doctors located near you in Phoenix, we put together a below list based on Google reviews and testimonials of patients, complaints, history, ratings, satisfaction, trust, cost, and general excellence. Please check these out before you go ahead and book аn appointment elsewhere!. You deserve only the best Weight loss doctors in AZ!.

Phoenix’s Weight loss doctors: 

Here are the top-rated Weight loss doctors in Phoenix, AZ specializes in treating of obesity and obesity-related diseases and conditions are:

  1. Valley Medical
  2. Medi-Weightloss
  3. AZ Medical Weight Control
  4. Scottsdale Weight Loss Center
  5. Weight Loss Institute of Arizona

Valley Medical

Valley Medical Weight Loss is proud to provide patients with a proven system that is FAST and AFFORDABLE and works to help you lose weight. Through the use of FDA medications, HCG injections, pharmaceutical-grade weight loss supplements, and fat-burning injectables, Valley Medical makes your weight loss easy. At Valley Medical, we will provide you with the tools, support and counseling you need along your weight loss journey.

Address: 3801 N 24th St, Phoenix, AZ 85016, United States
Phone: +16024413305


“The experience was very positive. Everyone I spoke with at the clinic was very nice as I explained I needed something to boost my energy and encourage weight loss. I began about 3 weeks ago and have lost 7 lbs and feel more energetic. I will definitely return until I reach my goal of 40 lbs weight loss.” – Sunny


Medi-Weightloss® was developed by physicians, registered dietitians, and health professionals in the area of weight loss to help you control your calorie and carbohydrate intake while eating the optimum amount of protein to preserve muscle mass. The Medi-Weightloss® Program is evidence-based to result in a successful lifestyle change. When administering the treatment, Medi-Weightloss® healthcare providers take each patient’s unique health profile into account, which is what makes them The One that Works!®

Address: 2450 W Happy Valley Rd Suite 1148, Phoenix, AZ 85085, United States
Phone: +16024912695


“I am very thrilled that I lost 9lbs my first week and program was easy to manage. I’m in my 2nd week now and committed to continue. The staff is wonderful, caring, and supportive and know I will need that to be successful in the long term. This is not just another weight loss program it is truly a lifestyle!” – Sandy Randall

AZ Medical Weight Control

AZ Medical Weight Controls cutting edge programs have been carefully developed and refined over the course of the last thirty years.  Recognizing that medicine grows by leaps and bounds daily, we strive to keep at the forefront of the medical weight loss industry.  Our programs take the very best formulas for success with the use of appetite suppressants, vitamin supplements, B12 injections and revolutionary lipotropic injections. AZ Medical Weight Control systems help you gain the edge in your weight loss battle and will give you the extra willpower you need by boosting your energy and showing you how to get the most out of your busy lifestyle. AZ Medical Weight Control provides each patient with an exceptional level of care and attention and is dedicated to enhancing your beauty and health. The compassionate and understanding staff takes pride in paying close attention to each patient’s needs. We focus on helping you to Set Yourself Free of unwanted fat, inches and weight!

Address: 1241 E Northern Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85020, United States
Phone: +16022540676


“The staff at this location are amazing. I have been treated with nothing but respect and kindness. I am already down about 9 lbs since starting with them 3 weeks ago. I am amazed and thankful for them. <3” – Nikki Zuba

Scottsdale Weight Loss Center

Dr. Ziltzer and Primack were searching for a better way to care for their patients. They pursued knowledge and specialty training in medical weight loss and became Diplomates of the American Board of Obesity Medicine. The knowledge and specialty training gave them the knowledge to create a comprehensive, evidence-based medical program designed to promote safe and effective weight loss. This concept was introduced to their patients in their primary care practice, and soon, not only did their patients lose weight successfully, their chronic health conditions reversed. They also found that the patient’s need for medications for conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes declined, and their free-time activity levels and quality of life significantly improved. They were seeing the joy of success in their patients, Drs. Primack and Ziltzer made a choice to focus solely on providing medical weight loss and, in December 2006, established Scottsdale Weight Loss Center (SWLC).

Address: 2525 E Arizona Biltmore Cir, Phoenix, AZ 85016, United States
Phone: +16029550945


“I have had the best experience with Scottsdale Weight Loss Center Phoenix. I am so grateful to Dr. de Guzman and his staff for the support they have given me. I have been making amazing progress and can’t wait till I meet my goals.” – Kristina Belinte

Weight Loss Institute of Arizona

Serving hundreds of patients each year, the Weight Loss Institute of Arizona is an industry leader in the field of bariatrics and weight loss surgery. With two offices in Tempe and one each in Phoenix, Tucson, Glendale, and Mesa, the Weight Loss Institute of Arizona team is prepared to address the needs of patients from all across the Southwest. The highly trained and dedicated physicians have made the Weight Loss Institute a premier destination for patients in search of top weight loss specialists. The team brings together some of the top weight loss surgeons in the area with over 10 years of combined medical experience.

Address: 16222 N 59th Ave D180, Glendale, AZ 85306, United States
Phone: +14808296100


“The staff is fantastic The doctors are very knowledgeable. The staff makes you feel very comfortable and answer all your questions. Extremely helpful with anything that you need to move you on your way towards your surgery.” – Michele Howard

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Weight loss generally means a decrease in body weight. This can be intentional as part of a diet or unintentionally appear as a symptom of a disease. In medicine, an unwanted weight loss of more than 10% of the body weight within six months is a warning signal.

Unwanted weight loss is often not noticed at the beginning or even perceived as positive. Others, on the other hand, suppress weight loss for a fear that a malignant disease could be behind it. Weight loss becomes obvious when the body’s fat reserves are used up and muscle mass is reduced: this is referred to as being underweight. In the case of pronounced weight loss, there is often additional malnutrition. A very strong weight loss in the context of serious illnesses (e.g. cancer ) is called cachexia (“emaciation”).

Slight weight loss is usually harmless and is often explained by changes in diet or lifestyle. Unintentional and inexplicable weight loss, on the other hand, is always suspect and should be clarified by a doctor. Especially if a lot of weight has been lost in a relatively short time or if there are additional accompanying symptoms. Extreme weight loss due to an eating disorder ( anorexia ) can even lead to death if left untreated.

Treatment for weight loss is always based on the cause. If the cause is corrected, weight gain usually occurs again.

  • Adjustments to eating habits in the event of a poor diet or if people generally eat too little.
  • Treating physical conditions that are responsible for weight loss
  • If there is a psychological cause such as anorexia , additional psychological care is usually necessary to restore awareness of nutrition and body.

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