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What is SPA?

A  spa  is a place that has  thermal waters  (also called  medicinal  waters or  mineral-medicinal waters ) in which a person can go to bathe to heal and/or relax. The waters of each spa have a different chemical composition that is determined by the  spring  from which they spring, and which is normally located in their facilities or very close. In addition, a spa is usually in a  beautiful and quiet natural enclave   and has a certain  historical tradition., since spas have always been, in their different forms, relaxation and health centers for the more affluent classes. 

There are several types and classifications of  hot springs . One of the most common in spas around the world is the categorization based on the  temperature of the water emanation , that is, depending on how hot or cold the medicinal water springs from its spring. 

If we classify according to their emanation temperature, hot springs can be of 5 types: 

  • Cold waters  (less than 20 degrees)
  • Hypothermal waters  (between 20 and 35 degrees) 
  • Mesothermal waters  (between 35 and 45 degrees) 
  • Hyperthermal waters  (between 45 and 100 degrees) 
  • Super thermal waters  (between 100 and 150 degrees)

Based on their chemical composition, according to the SEHM, hot springs are classified as: 

  • Bicarbonated waters  (with bicarbonate)
  • Carbonated waters  (with free carbon)
  • Chlorinated waters  (with chloride and sodium, calcium and/or magnesium)
  • Ferruginous waters  (with iron)
  • Oligometric  waters or  waters with weak mineralization  (with between 50 and 500 milligrams per liter)
  • Radioactive waters  (with radon)
  • Sulfated waters  (with sulfate, the salts of sulfuric acid)
  • Sulfurous waters  (with sulfur)

Spa Services:-

The Spas have mineral-medicinal waters declared of Public Utility, which offer specific treatments through thermal and complementary techniques prescribed by medical specialists.

  1. Medicinal waters

Those that are used for therapeutic purposes and that have been declared of Public Utility are recognized as mineral-medicinal waters. Its beneficial properties for health depend on the molecular structure of the water, on the mineral substances dissolved or suspended in it and on the temperature and pressure with which it emerges to the surface. The physical-chemical qualities of the mineral-medicinal waters of the spas reach the fullness of their therapeutic effects “at the foot of the spring”, where the water emerges with its properties and characteristics intact.

  1. Therapeutic treatments

Spa treatments are the set of techniques used to treat treatments or, preventively, to prevent the appearance of certain conditions. The Spas have specialized medical teams that are responsible for assessing the state of health of the spa, weighing the degree of incidence of ailments in their general condition and prescribing the appropriate treatments. Each center offers one or more therapeutic indications, depending on the physicochemical composition of its mineral-medicinal waters.

  1. Thermal technique

By the name of thermal techniques, all those therapeutic procedures used in therapies with mineral-medicinal waters are known, which are generically called Crenotherapy and are classified according to the route of administration, oral, topical and respiratory, and the application methods, water temperature and pressure and exposure time.

The choice of the appropriate techniques must be made after a medical diagnosis that, taking into account the needs of the user, prescribes the treatments and techniques and the action protocol for each type of pathology. 

  1. Complementary techniques

They are all those additional therapeutic procedures that are applied in the facilities of the Spas together with the thermal techniques. For its application, the use of mineral-medicinal waters is not essential since they can be carried out in isolation, although it is frequently practiced in combination with other proper spa techniques to enhance the beneficial effects for health.

Below is a list of the top and leading spas in Lincoln, Nebraska. To help you find the best spas located near you in Lincoln, we put together a below list based on Google reviews and testimonials of customers, complaints, history, ratings, satisfaction, trust, cost, and general excellence. Please check these out before you go ahead and book а service elsewhere!. You deserve only the best spa NE!.

Lincoln’s Best Spas:

Here are the top-rated spas in Lincoln, NE that offers best massages and other service:

  1. Phenomenal Day Spa
  2. Spa De Da
  3. Bella Skin Care and Massage Therapy
  4. Serenity Salon & Day Spa
  5. Citrine Med Spa

Phenomenal Day Spa

Phenomenal Day Spa is a full-service day spa located in Lincoln, Nebraska with the dedication to provide high customer satisfaction by rendering excellent service and quality product for your health & beauty needs.

Their team here at Phenomenal Day Spa provides a therapeutic and relaxing experience in a refreshing spa atmosphere. Whether you’re looking for holistic wellness such as massage therapy, skincare, keratin lash enhancement or any beauty needs they are here to customize their services to you.

Address: 5521 Shady Creek Ct #5, Lincoln, NE 68516, United States
Phone: +15315005829


Do yourself a favor and book already. Phanomvan approached my massage, facial, and gel manicure with kindness, warmth, and great skill. My skin is glowing, the knots in my shoulders are relaxed, and my nails look and feel great! Phenomenal is right!” – Carolyn Brown-Kramer

Spa De Da

Spa De Da Skin is the premier Esthetic Salon in the Lincoln area, offering you a wide range of facial  services, lash lifting, waxing and makeup. With an extensive selection, they’ve got you covered for whatever you need. If there’s a wedding, party or event in your future — or if you’re simply ready to get pampered — give them a call today!

At Spa De Da, they offer the highest quality Esthetic Salon services in Lincoln. Ask anyone in town — they offer the best experience and service you’ll find anywhere in the area. Read on to learn all about the amazing services they provide to all of their customers. Swing by the Esthetic Salon and treat yourself to one of their many VIP treatments!

Address: 3841 S 48th St, Lincoln, NE 68506, United States
Phone: +14026574889


“Amanda is the absolute best! She is a miracle worker… my skin, brows and lashes have never looked better. Her new place is adorable and she carries so many cute things. Highly recommended!!!” – Stephanie Restau

Bella Skin Care and Massage Therapy

At Bella Spa, let them take care of you. Bella has given special consideration to color, texture, light, music and aromatherapy to enhance the skin care treatment or massage of your choice. Every service is personalized based on your own needs, and their experienced professional skincare specialists and massage therapists help you feel relaxed and leave rejuvenated. Their services are designed as therapeutic treatments, releasing stress and tension and helping you feel your best. From zero-balancing bodywork and energizing Thai massage to full body exfoliating treatments and age-defying facials, their treatments are healing, refreshing and support a deeper wellness.

Address: 4726 Cooper Ave, Lincoln, NE 68506, United States
Phone: +14023279726


Such a warm, inviting environment. I had a foot scrub followed by a massage and left incredibly relaxed. Noreen had amazing massage technique that put me in such a peaceful state. I highly recommend Bella Spa and will definitely be going back soon!” – Melissa Phelps

Serenity Salon & Day Spa

Tausha and Cory Ostrander are the co-founders of Serenity salon & Spa. Where inner beauty meets outer beauty was a quote by Tausha that flamed the inspiration to open a salon where beauty professionals could work giving them the ability to transform their clients allowing them to leave the salon feeling as beautiful on the outside as they truly where on the inside.

Tausha has a true passion for the beauty industry as a platform artist, lead colorist for Aquage (a hair care company) salon owner, and everyday stylist behind the chair. Cory has a  love for Architecture as a UNL graduate with his Bachelors in Science of architecture. With Tausha’s passion for the beauty industry and Cory’s love of architecture they were both inspired to open a salon where clients could enter a place with an intriguing atmosphere where they could be pampered and relax in their own space. At Serenity they have been truly blessed with the opportunity to offer services by talented Hair Stylists, Nail Technicians, and an Esthetician who all share the same passion to make every client feel welcome and leave looking their very best.

Address: 3855 Village Ln, Lincoln, NE 68516, United States
Phone: +14024234328


“I have been going to Serenity salon for 6 months now. Natalie Westerhold is my stylist. She does a fantastic job. I’ve never not loved what she’s done. She is also affordable, and truly cares about her clients.” – Dr. Erica Barela

Citrine Med Spa

Citrine med spa in Lincoln specializes in cutting edge medical-grade treatments for patients who want to enhance their natural beauty and who prioritize prevention, maintenance, and a lot of self love. They all struggle with signs of aging and feeling less than their best. At Citrine, they use the best technology and training available to leave their patients feeling fresh, youthful, and revived. Explore their treatments and meet their providers! They’re excited to have you join the Citrine family.

Address: 6800 S 32nd St Suite A, Lincoln, NE 68516, United States
Phone:  +14028043588


“I went into Citrine for the first time this week- I had the best experience. The environment was so beautiful and peaceful and the women were so kind and welcoming. I am looking forward to my first laser hair removal treatment next week!” – Kendall Scott

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