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What is an Electrician?

An electrician is any skilled tradesperson who designs, installs, maintains, and repairs the electrical systems and products used in residential homes, businesses, and factories. Electricians work inside or outside buildings to ensure lights, industrial equipment, and appliances operate safely and reliably. There are many special types of electricians, including residential electricians, who install wiring and solve electrical problems in homes, and inside electricians, who maintain and repair control systems, motors, and electrical equipment in businesses and factories.

Electrician Job Responsibilities:

The two primary goals of the electrician are to keep the electrical systems at his or her job site operating efficiently, and to ensure the safety of all systems. Other responsibilities are job-specific. For example, one electrician’s job is draftsman, which requires the person to create electrical schematics for others to use to buy and install the electrical systems. The chief electrician will be responsible for training apprentice electricians or supervising other electricians. In addition, the electrician may be responsible for conducting safety training, regular inspections, and similar tasks.

The skills based on which a Electrician can be chosen:


Installation and maintenance comprise the bulk of an electrician’s day-to-day tasks. That means they make sure things are performing the way that they are supposed to and diagnosing and fixing the problem when they are not.

Fixing electrical wiring and circuitry requires running tests and other diagnostic functions to pinpoint the issue and correctly fix it. This is known as troubleshooting.

Critical Thinking

Sometimes it is not blatantly obvious what the problem is or which electrical component is malfunctioning and causing problems. Other times, the installation of wiring and circuitry might hit a snag and a change of plans might have to be made.

Both of these scenarios require critical thinking to solve problems. An example of the former is an electrician using a multimeter, which measures the voltage, current and resistance, to determine the best course of action to fix a power outlet.

Customer Service

Electricians deal with people on a daily basis. For those who work in residential settings especially, they need to be approachable and willing to explain what they are doing, in addition to answering questions that customers have.

Electricians who are proficient in this aspect of the job are more frequently sought-out, as interacting with one’s customers with a friendly demeanor is good for business.


Like most other occupations, electrical work is a business. To be a successful electrician, it is important for one to have the business savvy to make sure that they are being compensated comparably to their counterparts or, hopefully, better.

This is more in reference to electricians who are self-employed, who, in addition to negotiating the terms of new projects, deal with keeping track of inventory and payroll of those working under them, among other things. However, electricians who work for contractors benefit from having the skills to negotiate better terms as well.


As with other skilled trades whose essence is installation, maintenance and repair, it is crucial that electricians are proficient in mathematics. Mathematical competency is required for aspects of the job such as determining how much material is needed to complete a project, which size of tools to use and more.

Not only are precise measurements and calculations important for optimal electrical performance, but they are also important for safety.

Below is a list of the top and leading Electricians in Houston, Texas. To help you find the best Electricians located near you in Houston, we put together a below list based on Google reviews and testimonials of customers, complaints, history, ratings, satisfaction, trust, cost, and general excellence. Please check these out before you go ahead and book а service elsewhere!. You deserve only the best Electricians TX!.

Houston’s Best Electricians:

Here are the top-rated Electricians in Houston, TX that offers best massages and other service:

  1. Paul Richard Electric, LLC
  2. Right Touch Electrical
  3. Mr. Electric of Houston Midtown
  4. On Time Electric
  5. Wood Electrical Services

Paul Richard Electric, LLC

At Paul Richard Electric, they are proud to be known as the premier Houston electrical services company serving the greater Houston and Cypress areas. Their team delivers top-quality residential and commercial work from certified, licensed, and insured electricians with years of on-the-job experience. If you have an electrical problem that needs to be resolved quickly and correctly, they can provide you with a free estimate. Their Houston electricians are highly trained, and they do the job right the first time. 

Address: 7536 Harms Rd, Houston, TX 77041, United States
Phone: +18322067990


Greg was awesome! He not only quickly identified the problem, he also quickly fixed it and informed me thoroughly of the root cause.” – Pierre Williams

Right Touch Electrical

They believe every project large or small should be a “WIN” for their customers, their electricians, and their company. At Right Touch Electrical they consider their customers a part of their team! A team must work together to accomplish a common goal. Each team member may have a different purpose in the process, but they all strive for the same result. At Right Touch Electrical they desire to work hand in hand with their customers to create that experience and to reach the common goal, so they all WIN.

Address: 1942 Forest Oaks Dr, Houston, TX 77017, United States
Phone: +12814076199


“I called Right Touch to come out and look at an issue I was having with a few wall sockets not working. Isaac located the issue and fixed it. He was incredibly patient and knowledgeable. Thankful for Right Touch!!” -Todd Thomas

Mr. Electric of Houston Midtown

Founded in 1994, Mr. Electric has grown to become a franchise that serves customers around the globe. The team at Mr. Electric of Houston Midtown credits that success to a belief in a core set of values. Their electricians treat clients with the same respect and integrity that they would like to receive. They offer premier services and customer care in Houston, TX. Their fully trained electricians are licensed experts, and they provide a guarantee on their parts and workmanship. Call Mr. Electric of Houston Midtown, and they’ll send a courteous and uniformed professional to fix your problem no matter where you are in Bellaire, Heights, Montrose, Myerland, or West University. They’re always available for emergency service.

Address: 2525 Robinhood St, Houston, TX 77005, United States
Phone: +18328446353


“The representative Michael that came and fixed our electrical problem was fantastic! He was professional, honest and did a great job with our repairs. I will definitely use Mr Electric for any of our electric needs. Thanks Mr Electric for sending such a great representative out. We are very happy!” -JC Almanza

On Time Electric

If you’re experiencing issues with your circuit breaker or need your house rewired, you can count on the expert Houston electricians at On Time Electric, Inc. to tackle the job quickly and efficiently. They’re an electrical company serving residential and commercial clients in Houston, TX and surrounding areas.

Address: 201 Adams St, Houston, TX 77011, United States
Phone: +18324668463


“Amazing job by On Time Electric! We updated our light fixtures, outlet switches and installed some lights. Everything was done very well! Nick made sure I was aware of everything that was going on during the process. Will definitely recommend it to anyone! Give them a call, definitely very professional.” – William Brown

Wood Electrical Services

They have over 250 years of combined electrical experience on staff.  They strive to save you both time and money by combining their deep electrical experience, top-notch project management, the highest quality parts and equipment, and their dedication to delivering exceptional service.  their commitment to customer satisfaction and long-term experience is unmatched in the electrical services business.  They will not leave the job until you are satisfied.

Address: 3099 Antoine Dr, Houston, TX 77092, United States
Phone: +17136810792


“Would highly recommend Wood Electric … knowledgeable, friendly, very competitive prices … you would not be disappointed.” – Jane Winstead

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