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What is a Moving Company?

A moving business or company is a service that aids other businesses, individuals, or families move physical goods from an existing location to a new one. A well-to-do moving company can cater to commercial services or personal use, but the idea of providing safe and easy transport is the same.

Although some moving companies tend to focus just on local or short-range deliveries, others offer assistance for longer cross-country or transcontinental moves. Note that these companies also tend to be more experienced in handling various types of freight, cargo, and international shipping regulations.

Types of Moving companies:

1. Commercial Moving Company

Commercial movers focus on business relocation. They pack and move everything from small offices to large warehouses. Businesses choose commercial movers because their staff is highly skilled and familiar with specialized packing techniques, tools, and technology to ensure a successful transition. 

2. Residential Moving Company

Residential moving companies take care of all of the moving needs related to your home—from your precious heirloom china to your garage full of tools. You can choose a full-service move or get estimates for specific services like packing or loading. Residential moving companies are typically the most common type of moving service available.

3. Local Moving Companies

Depending on your home size, you could have a large team of movers or two to three staff members transfer your items from your old location to the new one. When interviewing potential local movers, ensure they have the proper licensure, a thorough price estimate, and positive online reviews.

4. Long-Distance Moving Company

Instead of paying by the hour like a local move, you’ll pay long-distance moving companies their fees according to your shipment’s total weight and the exact distance between locations, plus any specialty services like extra packing materials.  

5. International Moving Company

International moving companies take on the challenges of across-the-border moves by coordinating a vast amount of important paperwork, like customs and insurance forms, and the highly detailed logistics of sea shipments and air freight.

6. Specialty Moving Company

Some of your belongings need specialized attention to ensure their successful transport to your new home. Let your moving company candidates know about your beloved specialty items; some can move them. If they don’t, they can refer you to specialty mover partners.  

7. Household Moving Company

If you’re planning to move your residence, you’ll need a local moving company that can accommodate the services you need. Moving home isn’t a one-size-fits-all operation, so you should ask them to tailor their moving services to your situation.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Moving Company:

It would reduce your stress level 

The entire process of relocation and shifting creates an additional burden onto your family members as they have to help in packaging the goods and loading trips to the place. 

As a result, if you look for a professional Moving company then half of your stress level will get reduced. They will bring their staff members along with them who will look after your items. They use specialized tools in packing the goods and labeling and loading them rightly as per the nature of goods. Moreover, they possess long years of experience in this field as a result you can count on them for easy transmission. 

You can visit their website online to conclude about their performance and stability in delivering the services at their best.

It ensures safety and security in moving the items 

Irrespective of household goods or office equipment, both hold major importance. As a result, you cannot afford breakage or damage of the product during the period of transmission. 

Therefore, you need to hire professional movers in order to hold the responsibility of moving the items. They are well versed with how to deal with delicate electronic equipment, crockeries, heavily weighted furniture, and other possessions safely without any kind of additional damage or so. 

Also, if their employee gets injured while moving your items then there is nothing to worry about as their company provides insurance facilities to recover damages. Therefore use your referrals and contact for affordable movers for safe and secure moving. 

It reduces the cost of renting the equipment 

Moving items often require some specialized tools and equipment in order to safely pack the supplies and loading into the truck for smooth relocation services. 

Therefore you need to look for professional movers who will skillfully pay utmost attention towards transporting the large and heavily weighted items from one corner to another with utmost ease and thorough comfort. Moreover, you would not have to incur any kind of additional cost of purchasing the equipment on a rental basis.

Below is a list of the top and leading Moving companies in San Francisco, California. To help you find the best Moving companies located near you in San Francisco, we put together a below list based on Google reviews and testimonials of customers, complaints, history, ratings, satisfaction, trust, cost, and general excellence. Please check these out before you go ahead and book а service elsewhere!. You deserve only the best Moving companies CA!.

San Francisco’s Best Moving companies:

Here are the top-rated Moving companies in San Francisco, CA that offers best massages and other service:

  1. Route 66 Moving Company
  2. NorthStar Moving Company
  3. Dependable Movers SF
  4. Smart People Moving
  5. Good Green Moving

Route 66 Moving Company

Route 66 Moving was established in 2008 by two friends: Nick opened a business location in San Francisco, and Mike – in San Diego. Their founders spent years in the moving industry as mover-experts before making Route 66 Moving a well-known company. They became one of a few independently owned businesses having location in two major cities in California. LA location was open a few years later. That’s how Route 66 Moving became a California long-distance moving company.

Address: 801 Avenue H Unit A, San Francisco, CA 94130, United States
Phone: +14159155533


Moving is a pain for everyone but Route 66 movers made it super easy. We did a long distance move and on both ends , the service was exceptional! They actually treated our stuff WAY better then we would have , if moving it ourselves.” – Jann Branscum

NorthStar Moving Company

NorthStar Moving understands moving is more than moving a box from one place to another, it’s Moving Happiness Home.™ Since 1994, their mission has been to exceed their clients’ expectations with graceful customer care and to move service back into what should have always been the ultimate service industry: the moving industry. They’re proud to say that their commitment to service has earned them with more awards than any other moving company in history.

Address: One Bush Plaza, Bush St Suite B-182, San Francisco, CA 94104, United States
Phone: +14156353844


“John, Antonio, and Leo did an awesome job moving my things! They were kind, professional, and made sure everything arrived safety and efficiently. Would definitely move with NorthStar again” – Emely Giraldo

Dependable Movers SF

All moving companies have a major goal and mission. The mission of Dependable Movers is to help people and solve problems when moving as quickly and efficiently as possible. They sincerely love what they do for you, making your life and move easier. Their team always resolves all issues quickly and correctly. It is important for the company that you are completely satisfied with the quality of service. To do this, they improve their skills every day and continue their professional development.

Address: Building 230, 425 Avenue M, San Francisco, CA 94130, United States
Phone: +16282016674


“Best movers we have ever used! Max, Sergei and Sergey were all very careful with our items, as well as polite, professional, efficient and overall great to work with. Would highly recommend! -” – Kim Morrow

Smart People Moving

They are Smart People Moving, a team of professionals with 5+ years of experience providing high-quality moving services. They are based out of San Francisco, locally owned and doing commercial and residential types of relocation. All of their movers are well trained experts, fully equipped and striving to make the moving process for you an easy and hassle-free trip! Smart People Moving takes pride in providing reliable and quality service to assist customers at the top level. Quality and Relationships are the core principles they follow in order to get your belongings safely and smoothly with a minimum effort from your side!

Address: 1300 Lawton St #201, San Francisco, CA 94122, United States
Phone: +14158399391


“Highly recommend Smart People Moving! They were very responsive and flexible with our booking date. On our move-in day they boxed everything up for us which made everything seamless. They were super professional, fast, and careful with our belongings. Can’t recommend them enough!” – Liz Barrett

Good Green Moving

Their mission at Good Green Moving is to provide you with a safe, secure, sustainable and successful moving experience. They want to eliminate concern and build peace of mind.

Their desire is also to be good stewards of the environment. This means using sustainable resources and promoting the best uses for them. Yes, this certainly points to moving away from fossil fuels and reducing fuel consumption. But it is also about showing appreciation to their customers for supporting the sustainable choices that they make.

Address: 1355 Market St Suite 488, San Francisco, CA 94103, United States
Phone: +14159663153


“We used Good Green two years ago to put our house in storage, while we traveled. Today, we went though all of our vaults to pair down. Eric, Fabian, and Gary were extremely helpful – moving furniture, boxes, all the things. They even ran out to grab us sandwiches and took all our donations for us. Recommend without hesitation.” – Tristan Cooke

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