Killing Moles With Marshmallows-How? What if it doesn’t work?

Maintenance of a lawn is a laborious task and especially requires much more tedious and tireless efforts if you encounter moles. These minute rodents will wreak havoc on your place and certainly dig and create various holes. One simple alternative to avoid this hassle is using Marshmallows as it kills the moles by directly affecting their digestive systems due to their inability to break down complex carrageenan found in the marshmallow. Being a cost-effective method, a right and appropriate approach must be followed to avoid your yards, fields, and crops from being ruined and eliminate the risk of various health issues including the contamination of Rabies disease. Read till the end to know, what if it doesn’t work the way you expect?

How do Marshmallow Ingredients Affect Moles?

Made up of Corn Syrup, Gelatin and Sugar, these three important ingredients are mixed with the whipped air to formulate the appropriate texture required for marshmallows. Additionally, today, a variety of marshmallow flavors are present in the market which is formed by mixing some artificial flavors and forming aids. The highly popular additives by the Marshmallow makers by both commercial users and homemakers include carrageenan, gum Arabic and tetrasodium pyrophosphate to thicken, emulsify and stabilize Marshmallow taste. 

A highly comprehensive process demands for 

  • Water
  • Sugar 
  • Corn Syrup 

Boiling a mixture of all these three ingredients instills a sweet taste in marshmallows and being in the oven at an appropriate temperature provides it with the desired texture. On chewing a bite of Marshmallow cannot digest added preservatives by the makers creating suffocation for him to breathe the air, resulting in death. 

Which is the Breeding Season for Moles?

The months of February to May are considered the breathing seasons for moles in turn becoming the peak time for moles to enter into your crop, field and lawn areas and destroy your living area. The main reason behind this lies in the fact that male moles are on the hunt to find female moles and resulting in digging numerous holes in your ground. On the contrary, this is the best snowing time for farmers after the harvest of the winter season and gardeners are also intending to rejuvenate their spacious areas for the blooming season. 

A Systematic Approach to deal with Moles Using Marshmallows:

To kill moles with marshmallows, a detailed step-by-step guide has been listed below:

  • Most of the time, Rocks and logs are moles’ homes and this makes them difficult to trace, kill and protect by their thick skin type. Therefore, proper cleaning of your lawn or yard is highly essential to get rid of damages or weed material, even the infertile soil to avoid moles home. This will further enhance your yard’s life and eliminate moles from entering your space. 
  • The step is all about maintenance. Building an exquisite space requires one-time effort, however, maintenance requires a daily and persistent approach to deal. Hunt for snails and bugs as moles have a higher sense of such insects and even the use of marshmallows won’t help you out. Additionally, ensure that no other food particles should be left in the ground because moles will prefer that over your marshmallows. 
  • Now it’s time to hunt for the mole home and ensure the homes are not surrounded by other risks such as vegetation nearby. Find all the entry gates, and keep the marshmallows there, because there are high chances of more than one exit hole in your yard. 
  • Keeping the marshmallows (one wouldn’t be effective, keep three to five) near the home gate will bring the moles out of their bin and soon your mission will be completed.  

Note: The method doesn’t guarantee the killing of moles but will certainly reduce the number of moles entering your lawn if the process is followed systemically. 

Is It Really Worth it?

And highlights the fact that most live underground and it certainly makes it difficult to get your hands on them. Marshmallows act as a cork stopper and till the Mol within a few seconds after being mixed with blood and assist you in keeping your place eliminated from moles. However, this isn’t the only method that can assist you in keeping your place safe, clean and healthy. Homeowners have tried multiple ways to kill moles and minimize the efforts in making holes in the lawns. Therefore, this method could be a hit and trail game, most of the time, offering you a result. 

Does Killing Moles with Marshmallows Have an Adverse Effect on Crops and Human Beings?

No doubt, this method helps get rid of moles and has no worse circumstances unlike poisons on both human beings and crops. Nevertheless, the effectiveness of the method only depends upon the mole’s ability to digest and tolerate marshmallows. 

Alternative Method:

The Simplest and easiest method to track moles is by using a mole trap. Although this will not kill the mole directly, it will assist you in catching live moles and help you in getting rid of them. To kill the mole you have to use a different method and some of the common methods that are used by the majority of people are:

  • Using poison- that could be easily available from any online or offline medical store, manufactured specially to kill moles. 
  •  Use fire- like a frightened Mole, compelling them to run into their tunnels again. 


How do I get rid of moles in my yard naturally?

1 marshmallow = 0.038 grams, which can certainly kill a mole.  

Mole traps Vs. mole repellents 

Mole traps are used to catch live moles, on the contrary, mole repellents are suggestable to use only if you aim to repel moles from your property. 

What is a mole trap? 

Mole Trap is a device that captures live moles. 

Reached Thoughts:

Killing moles with marshmallows is one of the simplest, conventional and least controversial techniques to eliminate moles from your lawn. However, if you aren’t confirmed about the effectiveness of the method, you can certainly try different methods to get rid of the moles by using fire and poison.