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What is a hair salon?

A hair salon is an establishment that offers professional hair styling services for men and women.   Hair salons offer hair services including professional hair styling and hair texturing. Many hair salons also offer hair coloring, highlights, head and scalp treatments and formal styling.

Hair salons specialize in hair services such as basic hair cuts, hair styling, highlights, hair coloring, and hair texturing techniques. Most hair salons also offer hair cleansing such as shampoo and conditioning and specialized treatments for damaged hair. Businesses that just offer basic hair cuts and grooming services are generally categorized as barber shops, although there is a fine line between what constitutes professional hair styling, and basic hair cutting. Some hair salons also offer formal styling services for special occasions such as weddings and other events.

Most hairdressing salons have a reception desk and a waiting area near the front door. The more upscale, trendy and expensive salons tend to require customers to have an appointment, while the budget chain hair shops usually don’t. The décor also varies widely between an expensive and an inexpensive hair salon.

Types of Hair Salons

There are a few types of salons you might find in your area. Not all hair salons offer the same kinds of services. Here are the general types of salons and what you can expect each one to offer to clients. 

Hair Salon

A hair salon is a business that offers a range of hair-related services to clients. This includes haircutting, regular and formal styling, chemical treatments (such as color, highlights, perms, and straightening treatments), hair and scalp treatments, and beard and mustache shaping. In a true hair salon, other cosmetic services may not be offered. There are two general types of hair salons: Franchise and independent. 

Franchise Hair Salons

Franchise hair salons are part of a chain of salons that may extend regionally or nationwide. Franchise owners pay a fee to open a salon under the chain’s name. Examples of franchise hair salons are Great Clips, Sport Clips, and Supercuts. These franchise salons are built and managed based on uniform brand standards. So if you visit a Great Clips location in Omaha, it will be nearly identical to one in Nashville.

Typically, franchise hair salons employ salaried hair stylists who may be paid an additional commission for high productivity or selling hair products. Franchise hair salons usually accept walk-in customers rather than requiring appointments. Many people like franchise hair salons because they can get a consistent experience each time they visit, pay less for the services, and go in for a haircut whenever is convenient for them.

Independent Hair Salons

Independent hair salons are owned by individuals and are not part of a regional or nationwide franchise. The owner/operator(s) of an independent hair salon chooses the name, logo, services provided, and pricing for services. They hire hair stylists and other cosmetologists on a salary, salary plus commission, commission only, or booth rental payment basis. Independent hair salons may specialize or have stylists who specialize in a specific service (such as color or highlights) or offer a general menu of hair services. They may or may not sell hair products in addition to offering services. You’ll find independent salons that accept walk-ins and others that operate by appointment only.

Many people like independent hair salons because stylists in them are given more creative freedoms than in franchise salons. Visiting an independent hair salon is supporting a local small business. These salons are also more likely to have established, higher-end stylists working in them. On the other hand, you may pay more for services at an independent hair salon, and your experience may not be as consistent without brand and management rules in place. 

Below is a list of the top and leading Hair salons in Lincoln, NE. To help you find the best Hair salons located near you in Lincoln, we put together a below list based on Google reviews and testimonials of customers, complaints, history, ratings, satisfaction, trust, cost, and general excellence. Please check these out before you go ahead and book а service elsewhere!. You deserve only the best hair salons NE!.

Lincoln’s Best Hair salons:

Here are the top-rated Hair salons in Lincoln, NE that offers best massages and other service:

  1. Sisu Hairdressing
  2. Eve A Salon and Spa
  3. House of Holloway Salon
  4. Iasan & Sebastian Studio Salon
  5. Backstage Aveda Concept Salon & Spa

Sisu Hairdressing

People at Sisu Hairdressing strive to create an inclusive environment where guests can feel known and taken care of. They’re intentional to give each guest their undivided attention and build an environment of trust and creativity. They walk alongside each of their stylists, training them and creating opportunities of growth both individually and as a team. At Sisu, they are family. There is a place for you there, too.

Address: 801 R St Suite 3, Lincoln, NE 68508, United States
Phone: +14022614198


I love Sisu! The ambiance is adorable. I highly recommend Abby for cut & balayage. My sister and mom also get their hair done with her! Don’t sleep on this place. ✨” – Taylor Brethouwer

Eve A Salon and Spa

Eve A Salon & Spa is a collaboration of independent stylists, estheticians and massage therapists combining efforts to accommodate the needs of all persons in search of a unique salon experience. All appointments are scheduled directly with the individual stylist, esthetician or therapist. They’ve been serving our Lincoln, Nebraska clientele since 2010 when Eve A Salon opened.  In 2012, they expanded next door by adding Eve A Salon & Spa and just recently they opened additional stylist space in the loft above. 

Address: 3907 S 48th St, Lincoln, NE 68506, United States
Phone: +14024830158


“Great salon with skilled stylists. Have been seeing Jena for some time. She is always up to date on current styles and the best techniques. Have always left happy with my hairstyle and feeling confident in my appearance.” – Sharon Page

House of Holloway Salon

House of Holloway Salon has been pampering the Lincoln community for many years. The team of qualified professionals are here to tackle any of your beauty related needs, offering top of the line products and services to get you looking and feeling great. Since the beginning, they’ve worked hard to make their customers shine with a committed staff of experts. Swing by and take advantage of their outstanding Hair Salon services!

Address: 5740 Old Cheney Rd #7, Lincoln, NE 68516, United States
Phone: +14024233616


I took a chance and booked a last minute haircut with Kayla-I live out of town and needed a trim, some layers and thinning out of my hair!! She did a great job-exactly what I was wanting! Always scary booking with someone you don’t know but extremely happy and would recommend Kayla!” – Kayla Smalley

Iasan & Sebastian Studio Salon

From high fashion couture to urban street design, they are committed to maintaining a diverse repertoire of looks available to every client. Their stylists have a constant eye out for new trends in the fashion world. They are highly skilled at creating a variety of styles in salon including avant garde looks for fashion shows and art walks, elegant updos for weddings and special events, and flat out fantastic cut and colors for everyday wear. Their fashion sense is inspired by images from all across fashion culture, but has one ultimate criteria: Your look has to be wearable by you. Its as simple as that. At I?S fashion is not something you find in magazines created by designers and worn by celebrities. Here, fashion is something you find and you wear (with a little help from them)!

Address: 213 S 9th St, Lincoln, NE 68508, United States
Phone: +14024772060


“The stylists are very knowledgeable and friendly. They understand exactly what you want and try to help you achieve your desired style. Highly recommend this place. I love the ambiance and general vibes in the salon as well.” – Bonita Sharif (bonny)

Backstage Aveda Concept Salon & Spa

Backstage Salon & Spa is a full-service salon offering a wide array of services for women, men and children. Their skilled stylist will create a style you will love! They proudly carry and support Aveda both as their main retail line and as their focus professional product line. They also carry Loma products as their secondary line. Their relaxing spa services are sure to please.

Address: 6900 O St #124, Lincoln, NE 68510, United States
Phone: +14024832339


“Traci at Backstage Salon is the best stylist ever! She makes every one of her clients feel special and she’s never in a hurry. All the stylists there are great!” – Julie Snook

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